Film Production Services

Q Station offers a wide variety of Film Production services to independent filmmakers and directors. The following list covers only the most popular services we offer, but does not include all options available.

If you have a specific need which is not described here, please contact us and we will be happy to put together a specific quote for your project.

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Pre Production Services
Production Services
Post Production Services

Pre Production Services

Script Breakdown

An accurate script breakdown is the cornerstone of your production planning. The breakdown is used to produce your budget, shooting schedule, call sheets, prop list, and more. Our producers will analyze and perform a full breakdown of your script using standard industry software and practices.

Budget Preparation

Based on your script breakdown, we will be able to put together a realistic production budget, which will include all of the costs necessary to complete your film project. If you have a specific amount of funding available for your project, let us know and we can attempt to ‘reverse engineer’ the budget to fit your finances.

Location Scouting

The key to a good looking film is having good looking locations. But appearances alone are not the only item to consider when choosing a location. There are many other factors to consider, including power requirements, parking, and noise considerations just to name a few. Our staff will call upon our experience to help you find the right locations for your next project.


Q Station can help you coordinate your casting process. We will write the casting announcement, submit it to the appropriate casting agencies and web sites, collect headshots and resumes, and submit them to you for review. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the most appropriate candidates, we will work with you to create an audition schedule and notify each of the individuals you’ve selected to see in person.

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Production Services

HD Production Package

Our HD Production Package is the core of our production services. We’ve assembled all of the essential equipment and personnel you’ll need to produce your film in one convenient package, removing the guesswork and simplifying the production process. The package includes camera and operator/DP, tungsten lighting packs, basic sound equipment with operator, a field monitor, camera crane, track dolly, power distribution unit and gaffer/electrician (licensed in Florida). Click here for a complete list of all the equipment included in the package.

HMI Lighting Package

For tougher lighting situations that require balancing against daylight, Q Station has four, large format, HMI lights that are available for use: one 6000 watt, one 4000 watt, and two 2500 watt units. Each unit includes the light head, bulb, stand, magnetic ballast, and all cables.

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Post Production Services


Once filming is completed, we’ll ingest the footage and edit your project on our Final Cut Pro editing system, adding static or motion text and graphics as required. We’ll then burn a DVD proof of the first edit with or without SMPTE time code so that you can review the project and prepare for any changes you’d like to make. We’ll repeat this process until your completely satisfied with the flow of your film.

Color Correction

Once you’re happy with the edit and the picture is “locked”, we’ll color correct the footage shot by shot using Final Cut’s powerful color correction tools to adjust any color inconsistencies between shots, and maximum the contrast ratio to give you the richest blacks and most detailed highlights.

Automatic Dialog Replacement ADR

If for some reason some of the dialog track is unusable or needs improvement, our studio is fully equipped to perform automatic dialog replacement (ADR). We’ll bring the actors into the studio to replace any lines that are sub-par. They’ll read along with the original production track while watching the scene on a video monitor to ensure a perfect match to the original.

Foley and Sound Effects

Every scene can use sound effects, from atmosphere tracks, to individual sounds. Q Station can help you get the most impact out of the soundtrack. Select sounds from our extensive sound effect library, or record original sound effects in our studio and sync them to the picture.

Music Scoring and Recording

Make your project stand out from the rest by incorporating an original musical score. Q Station has partnered with several professional film composers so you won’t have to use canned music. We will work with you to compose a score that’s appropriate for your film and record a midi sample of each cue for approval. Once you’re happy with the composition, we’ll record the soundtrack in our studio with professional musicians and sync it with your picture.

Final Mix in Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound

Once all of your sound elements are recorded and synched with the picture, it’s time to bring it all together in the final mix. Q Station will mix all of your individual dialog, sound effects, and musical elements together to create the perfect Hollywood soundtrack in our state of the art recording studio facility, using THX certified equipment.

DVD Mastering

Whether you’re planning on releasing your project direct to DVD and video, or just need DVD screeners to shop your project to distributors, Q Station can help you master your project to DVD.

We’ll output and encode your video directly from the HD master on our Final Cut Pro editing system to ensure the highest quality picture. Next, we’ll encode your 5.1 or stereo soundtrack into Dolby AC3 format. Finally we’ll create a custom menu, assemble all of the elements together and burn a master DVD you can duplicate yourself, or send to a DVD manufacturing plant.

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